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Beetroot and kohlrabi

Slice the raw kohlrabi and the raw beetroot and then cut circles from the slices using a round cutter.

Use the smallest round cutter to cut a section from the cooked beetroot, and then cut this in half to form two short cylinders.

Boil the beetroot juice, the sugar, and the Shiso Purple vinegar together. Then leave the mixture to cool and add a dash of oil, the circles of raw beetroot, and the cooked beetroot to the mixture.

Marinate the kohlrabi circles in the oil, rice vinegar, salt, and pepper, place in a vacuum-sealing bag and draw vacuum, and cook sous-vide.

Using a small kitchen squeeze bottle, squeeze small dots of smoked mayonnaise onto the centre of the plate. Dress the plate with the marinated kohlrabi, pieces of the kohlrabi leaves, the beetroot, and the Vene Cress.