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Sustainability Prize for Koppert Cress during Hortigala of the Year

1 November 2016

Friday, October 28, during the Hortigala of the Year,Rob Baan received the Hillenraad Theme Price for Sustainability. During this event the ‘Hillenraad 100’ were presented, the top 100 leading companies in horticulture. The winners for 2016 are Enza Zaden and Dutch Flower Group. In this ranking Koppert Cress rose 5 places, from 32 to position 27.

Image Hillenraad

The jury reported: "Earlier this year, Koppert Cress received the recognition this visionary company deserves. It  was awarded the King William I Plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2016, which Rob Baan received from the hands of Queen Máxima of The Netherlands. It is the culmination of the passion, the fire and faith of Koppert Cress in what the horticultural (food) industry can do for people. According to Koppert Cress, food is so much more, than just filling mouths. It's about enjoyment, happiness, health. Koppert Cress exists for 5,000 days, therefore it conceived plan to from april 2016, transform The Netherlands in 5000 days to become the healthiest delta of the world. "Sustainability at its best."