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QR code, fast access to extra fast information

15 April 2011

Observant users may have noticed that the logo on the front (short side) of the Koppert Cress boxes has been replaced by a square filled with black and white blocks. This is a QR code. You can use it with your smartphone to get speedy access to the Koppert Cress website.

The QR code has been specially developed to give people fast and efficient access to information on all sorts of topics. All you do is take a photo of the code with an app (special programme) on your smartphone. The app automatically connects you to the website or page whose url (address) is contained in the code. It saves time and hassle because you get the latest information on key topics without switching on your PC. 

The code on the Koppert Cress box will take you to our recently renewed website which gives you detailed information on our products. The QR code is also on the displays at the premises of some suppliers. We’re eager to hear what you think of this new application.