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'Koppert Cress wants to have "healthiest company restaurant"' according to Misset Horeca

30 March 2016

Rob Baan, owner of Koppert Cress, wants to have 'the healthiest company restaurant' by 1 June. The cultivation firm employs 200 people. ‘Together, we are going to lose 500 kg in weight,’ he says with a smile. Koppert Cress wants to have ‘the healthiest company restaurant.’

An advanced set of scales in the company restaurant - to be used barefoot - provides a detailed evaluation report that will then be examined by a dietician.

The cultivation firm is of the opinion that the impact of healthy eating is often forgotten. Through this programme, he hopes to increase awareness of this among his employees and visitors to the company. Employees taking part in the programme can weigh themselves on a regular basis. ‘If you weigh yourself frequently, you learn exactly how your body responds to things. If you consume a cup of soup containing a lot of salt, this machine will detect that immediately,’ says the owner of the Koppert Cress micro-vegetable company.

‘We monitor changes and help with a healthy diet so that the body can recover,’ he explains. This takes place in cooperation with the catering company Hutten. The first names of Rob Baans and the director of Hutten have been combined to give the company restaurant its working name: Rob&Bob.

Koppert Cress supports Dutch Cuisine, a movement with goals including the consumption of 80% vegetables and 20% meat or fish.

Source: Misset Horeca / Wieteke Posthumus