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Koppert Cress starts with partnership in Belarus

17 April 2018

In February 2018, a license agreement was signed between Koppert Cress and Stanislav Batura-Venzelev in Minsk in the Republic of Belarus. According to their agreement, Stanislav will grow various types of cress (micro greens) and ’specialties’. All these products will be offered under the brand Koppert Cress, assuring that they will be produced in accordance with the strict standards of Koppert Cress in relation to food safety (HACCP).

The Venzelev family already has a been growing microgreens for high-level restaurants in Belarus. Koppert Cress was looking for a solution to make its products available to customers in the Republic of Belarus. They decided that it was necessary to establish joint work on the production and delivery of various types of cress and their special varieties, flowers, leaves of exotic plants. For Stanislav and his wife Anastasia Venzelev, this is a family business where they commit to produce the highest quality products.