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Koppert Cress shows true colours with new packaging range

10 February 2017

During Fruit Logistica in Berlin Koppert Cress introduced its new packaging range. The company used this trade fair to show the latest developments to its immediate customers and logistics partners. From March 20, 2017, all products will be delivered in a totally redesigned contemporary design.

The distinction in the packaging is in the colour combinations. The starting point was the five flavours. Each product has its own colour palette with images of taste or flavour association friends. The box now has a lid and the small-package is updated, replacing the TopSeal- and foil packaging by a transparent container with wrapping.


Special attention is paid to Dutch Cuisine, the recent trend in gastronomy, based on five principles: culture, nature, healthy, quality and value. The principle of 80% vegetables and 20% of meat or fish, is fully endorsed by Koppert Cress and propagated by Rob Baan in his efforts to make the Netherlands the healthiest delta of the world.

In the coming month Koppert Cress will launch the campaign, aimed at the end user, the chef, in order to inform him about the new products.