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Koppert Cress is seducing Slovenia

3 December 2010

In October Carpe Diem Club has organized at the castle of Ljubljana a very special dinner which was all dedicated to Kopper Cress. Delicious plates were prepared by one of the absolutelly best Slovenian chefs Ana Roš, who is well known also abroad. Over 60 guests arrived, between them all the best slovenian chefs and enogastronomical journalists. They enjoyed the richness of the tastes and the beauty on the plates.
What was served?

Slowly cooked beef tongue/its natural gelatine, drops of raw beetroot, pumpkin oil ice-cream and spicy bouquet Koppert Cress (Mustard Cress, Scarlet Cress and Daikon Cress).

Bakalar al bianco/ black bean and oysters soup, KaviarGiaveri Beluga Adriatic and Oyster Leaves

Scalop burned with the long pepper / smooth cream from cauliflower and hazelnuts, brambles cooked in vinegar, chips of the rye bread and Tahoon Cress

Piran sea bass, baked with a slice of porcini and lemon thyme / emulsion of the green bean and pistachio, mayonaise of japanese dashi and sea salad

Crispy pig and balsamic herbs

1000 leafs from mountain butter / persimmon, vanilla and mandarin.

With the plates were served wines Kramar and wines of one of the best Slovenian winemakers Edi Simčič who's wines made the plates even more perfect. Between the plates there was enough time to get to know all the new plants. Enrico Zallot, marketing director of Koppert Cress for the Southern Europe, was mingling between the guests and offering them guided tastings which were a very big sensation for everybody.The dinner was really a big success. It woke up emotions. Even now, days after it, people still talk about it and mails arrive in which chefs express their gratitude for such a presentation.

More information can be found on the website of the Carpe Diem Club