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Koppert Cress introduces Zallotti Blossom

26 May 2017

Zallotti Blossom is a decorative sprig with several small purple flowers. It comes from the African basil plant and has a strong flavour of basil combined with mint. It is very decorative in its entirety and when the individual flowers are used. It combines perfectly with Italian or summery dishes, and makes a great addition to a salad or a cocktail. Tip: Zallotti Blossom ensures a colourful surprise in a warm infusion.

The name ‘Basil’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘Basileus’ meaning ‘king’ or ‘royal’. Basil is a herb that is used all over the world, and many people associate it particularly with Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian food. Fewer people are aware that basil is also used extensively in Indonesian and Thai cooking. In India, basil is considered a sacred herb; it is offered to the Hindu gods. The plant's flowers are mainly used to decorate rice and vegetable dishes and to add a taste twist.